Building together
an inclusive, responsible and serene workplace.

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Human & Work is the first European group specialized in human resources consulting.

Our vocation is to help you take care of your teams and develop your talents. Thanks to our various expertise, we can produce psychological health within companies, develop inclusion in the workspace to give to each and everyone a chance to succeed, boost companies’ executives careers and organize work to make it healthier and more productive.

At Human & Work, we are driven by passion and commitment and we think that our mission serves the common good. In an uncertain world, we provide security. In a highly competitive world, we provide performance. In a mainly rough world, we bring attention and care.

Our consultants, psychologists, sociologists, coaches, ergonomists, social workers, project leaders are at your service in France, in Spain, and in Italy.

Contact us and share our passion for what we hold dearest: People at work.


We have made it our mission to help companies and professionals develop, succeed in their projects, and make the world more human.

To achieve this, Human & Work brings together the best experts in work transformations, leading firms in their specialties:

– Psychological health at work, with STIMULUS

Executives professional path, with NEXMOVE

Diversity and inclusion at work, with EQUILIBRES

We share the same culture, the same communicative pleasure and the same vision of the company. We consolidate what makes our teams exceptional: their expertise, their diversity, their commitment, their pleasure of working and the strength of the bond they have established with their clients.

15 décembre 2021

In 2020, Human & Work began a collaborative reflection on an ambitious Positive Impact project, now embodied in our purpose:

Building together an inclusive, responsible and peaceful workplace.

We take this motto literally and are committed to doing everything possible to make our group and our stakeholders better in terms of Positive Impact, especially in our areas of expertise.

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Preventing psychosocial risks and fostering well-being at work, to meet economic and human challenges

Accompany top executives to develop their leadership and define with them the best career path

Develop diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion in the workplace, sustainably and without guilt

Developing responsible leaders for responsible companies