Human & Work, Europe’s leading consultancy group dedicated to the challenges of people at work, is continuing its initiatives by making available to companies a new training programme to develop emotional and relational skills using Artificial Intelligence, in collaboration with the start-up Practicio.

Called “Listening to and supporting an employee in difficulty”, this immersive training course is designed to equip managers with the emotional and relational skills they need to offer an employee facing professional or personal difficulties a forum in which to express him or herself and make progress in resolving the problem. Managers can discover the key stages of a listening interview, the postures to adopt and, above all, put their skills into practice by practising the interview in a caring environment and with the advice of our experts, to support their teams as effectively and as humanely as possible. This is a crucial need, especially given that almost one in two French people declare themselves to be in poor psychological health (Baromètre Qualisocial / Ipsos 2024). 


In May 2023, Human & Work launched its first innovative training programme using Artificial Intelligence to develop emotional and relational skills. Artificial Intelligence to develop emotional and relational skills. Entitled “Understanding inappropriate behaviour in the workplace“, this first training course enabled participants to confront and respond to inappropriate behaviour in the context of a videoconference meeting. Each of their reactions then led to changes in the response of the other members of the meeting, whether perpetrators or victims of inappropriate behaviour. 

Since its creation, the Human & Work Group has held a strong conviction: the companies and organisations that will make the difference will be those that invest in the emotional and relational skills of all their employees. The technological breakthrough brought about by AI is opening up opens up a huge range of possibilities for corporate training, by offering a totally new, immersive, accessible and personalised experience, and above all by allowing learnerses to train in unlimited ways“.

David Mahé

Chairman and Founder, Human & Work

About Human & Work

Human & Work is Europe’s leading consultancy group specialising in human issues at work, helping companies to look after their teams and organisations. It has unique expertise in psychological health at work, diversity and inclusion, career management and leadership development.

With offices in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium and a network of carefully selected local partners, our 270 employees support more than 1,000 companies and their 8 million employees worldwide.

Our mission is clear: “Building together an inclusive, responsible and serene workplace”.


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