Pioneer in professional inclusion

A pioneer in implementing equality in the workplace, EQUILIBRES has been intervening since 2005 in companies and organizations to sustainably anchor diversity and inclusion into the reality of their work.
We strongly believe that we must help companies to assume the role they play in accelerating social progress, we support them to move from formal equality (in compliance with the law) to true equality (which comes to life through not only facts but especially through mentalities).

employees and agents trained in the year

private and public companies supported

Our areas of support

Support adapted to each stage of the implementation of a D&I policy

Non-discrimination and prevention of gender and sexual violence

  • “Professional equality” diagnosis
  • Raising awareness and training (Recruiting without discriminating, becoming aware of gender stereotypes etc.)
  • Training harassment advisers
  • Auditing/implementing reporting and treatment procedures
  • Reporting unit for harassment and discrimination
  • Sexual harassment enquiries
  • Supporting crisis communication


  • Audit and guidance for diversity in governing bodies
  • Women’s talent support programs
  • Raising awareness and training (Bringing to life and promoting professional equality within a company’s management team etc.)


  • Communicating inclusively
  • “Community living” diagnosis
  • Raising awareness and training (How to manage inclusively)
  • Supporting communication

”Community living” in the future

  • CEO and/or COMEX media training
  • International legal monitoring
  • Social media trend monitoring


We support our clients in their holistic understanding of inequality generating mechanisms as well as defining and implementing diversity and inclusion policies. Serving true social impact, our process aims to set in motion by activating 3 transformation levers: helping to understand, helping to feel and helping to act.

Zoom on reporting unit for harassment and discrimination

EQUILIBRES offers help in treating presumed discrimination, harassment and sexism in the workplace in partnership with the consultants and psychologists of the Stimulus firm. The cell’s vocation is to support staff members in their analysis their situation of suffering in the workplace. A first level carried out by our Workplace Life Quality department allows to qualify the requests received and to refer the caller to our psychological center and/or our expert center.

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