• Human & Work, Europe’s leading consulting group dedicated to the challenges of Human at work, announces the appointment of Dirk Antonissen as Partner of the Group. 
  • The arrival of Dirk Antonissen is designed to support the Group’s development strategy in Europe, particularly in the field of services and tools dedicated to psychosocial wellbeing at work.

Specialist in work organization, Dirk Antonissen is a recognized expert in the European market for mental health at work, with a particular focus on strategies, tools and services dedicated to psychosocial wellbeing, in particular Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs). EAPs are programmes set up by companies to take care of their employees, including mental health, social assistance, caregiver support and legal advice.

Joining Human & Work as a Partner, Dirk Antonissen will be responsible for the global management of the Stimulus Care Services programme, the EAP of Stimulus, a pioneer and European leader in the prevention of psycho-social risks in the workplace, and for supporting the Group’s development strategy in Europe.

“I’m very proud to join the Human & Work Group and to be part of its European development, working to make the workplace more responsible, inclusive and serene for as many people as possible. I’m looking forward to using my experience and in-depth knowledge of the European workplace mental health market and EAPs to strengthen the Group’s leadership in Europe and beyond”.

Dirk Antonissen

Partner, Human & Work

” I would like to welcome Dirk, whom we are delighted to welcome to Human & Work. His arrival marks a new stage in the development of our group: his in-depth knowledge of the European market for mental health at work will bring a new dynamic to our development strategy in Europe”.

David Mahé

President and Founder, Human & Work

Dirk Antonissen, Partner

With a master’s degree in finance and business management, a master’s degree in psychology and training in social science analysis, Dirk Antonissen began his career in 1986 as a psychologist in Belgium. After holding a number of management and organization consultancy positions, Dirk moved into international business and entrepreneurship in 1996, particularly in Central Asia. He founded a consulting firm in Kazakhstan, then continued his career in Kyrgyzstan as a senior technical advisor and team leader for projects financed by the Asian Development Bank. In 2000, Dirk joined the Belgian psycho-social risk prevention group Pulso Group, which he subsequently led as CEO and Managing Partner.

From 2007 to 2018, Dirk was successively Treasurer and Chairman of the Employee Assistance European Forum (EAEF).

He joins the Human & Work Group as a Partner to develop the Group’s European expansion strategy.

About Human & Work

Human & Work is Europe’s leading consultancy group dedicated to Human at work, offering strategic and operational advice to corporate HR departments. Thanks to its multi-disciplinary team, Human & Work offers unique expertise on issues such as psychological health at work, diversity and inclusion, career management and leadership development.

With offices in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium and a network of carefully selected local partners, our 270 employees support over 1,000 companies and their 8 million employees worldwide.

Our mission is clear: to build, together, an inclusive, responsible and serene workplace.

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