Human & Work, the leading European consultancy group dedicated to the challenges of people at work, has teamed up with French start-up Practicio, an expert in Artificial Intelligence, to develop a ground-breaking educational innovation: PractiVizio.

The result of more than two years’ work, PractiVizio is an immersive learning solution based on Artificial Intelligence, which immerses users in an extremely realistic day-to-day working environment and enables them to develop their emotional and relational skills.

PractiVizio: an innovative learning solution

Practivizio, une solution d’apprentissage immersive basée sur l’Intelligence Artificielle

PractiVizio provides learners with an immersive, yet personalised and accessible, learning environment in which to practise new skills:

  • Immersive: thanks to AI, learners are immersed in a very realistic everyday working environment. This immersion encourages the emotional build-up associated with the world of work and its challenges: no more doubts, the learner is at work, surrounded by colleagues!
  • Personalised: earners can repeat the experience as many times as they feel necessary, depending on their level of maturity and interest in the subject. And above all, each learner will have a specific experience, linked to his or her own work.
  • Accessible : learners practise on their own, where and when they want, without worrying about the gaze or judgement of others.

Taking on the appearance of collaborators and colleagues for a day, AI allows learners to test themselves and progress in terms of skills, by interacting with it, so as to gain confidence in tricky professional situations.

The 1st module available is dedicated to inappropriate behaviour. While the theoretical explanation of sexist behaviour, for example, is easy to understand, being confronted with it is particularly uncomfortable. Realising how uncomfortable it is and discovering the keys to taking action is the ambition of this module, which will shortly be followed by new themed modules currently under development.

“At Human & Work, we believe that training is only effective if it involves experiential learning. To develop emotional and relational skills, you have to bring them to life, make them feel. PractiVizio is the result of more than two years’ work by Practicio’s AI experts and Human & Work’s experts in people at work. By integrating artificial intelligence into our training courses, we are now offering our customers a revolutionary educational innovation.

With Artificial Intelligence, we are witnessing one of the greatest technological revolutions of recent decades, whose impact on our lives will be as great, if not greater, than the arrival of the computer, the Internet or the mobile phone. We are at the dawn of a new era, and I am proud that Human & Work and Practicio can be the first to bring this revolutionary solution to market.”

David Mahé

Founder and President, Human & Work

“At Practicio, we have long been convinced that the latest advances in artificial intelligence will revolutionise the way we learn, making learning more personalised and creating memorable experiences. We also want these solutions to be accessible to as many people as possible, as a step towards making learning more democratic.

In developing PractiVizio, we had a challenge: we wanted to understand how we could use the most modern technologies to solve a problem, that of changing and anchoring behaviour in the long term. We started by working on an AI-based solution, and then we met the Human & Work teams, who brought their expertise in training and emotional and relational skills built up over many years in the corporate world.

Today, we are proud to present a completely new learning solution that is infinitely scalable.”

Olivier de Rotalier

Founder, Practicio

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