Human & Work, Europe’s leading consultancy group dedicated to leadership and mental health in the workplace, announces the new composition of its Executive Committee. The new management team is part of an internal reorganisation designed to strengthen the group’s position as a leading consultancy and promote an enhanced digital experience for HR managers, in addition to accelerating the deployment of the group’s international activities.

Since 2 April 2024, the Human & Work Executive Committee, chaired by David Mahé, President and Founder, includes:


– Dirk Antonissen, Partner Stimulus Care Services

– Aude Bohu, Partner Coaching & Leadership

– Juliette Cerdan-Guyon, Partner People, Culture & Impact

– Aurélie Judlin, Partner Consulting & Learning

– Christine Loos, Partner International Strategy

– Marie-Liesse Morgaut, Partner Nexmove

Established in France in 2016, the Human & Work group has since expanded its presence into Spain, Italy, Germany, and Belgium. Today, our primary focus is on accelerating our international development. This aspiration drives a comprehensive internal reorganisation, embodied by the new composition of our Executive Committee. We are committed to setting a benchmark for quality of life at work, diversity, and inclusion. I take immense pride in noting that our new Executive Committee predominantly comprises women, sending a powerful message to the market, aligning perfectly with our mission-driven ethos.

David Mahé

President and Founder, Human & Work

Dirk Antonissen, Partner, Stimulus Care Services:

A graduate of the University of Leuven (Psychology) and holder of a Master’s degree from VLEKHO Business School (Brussels), Dirk joined the Human & Work Group at the end of 2023. Previously, as CEO and Managing Partner, he spent 24 years founding and developing the Pulso Group, which has become a European pioneer in the field of psychosocial well-being.


Aude Bohu, Partner, Coaching & Leadership:

A graduate in Economics from the University of Paris X Nanterre and NEOMA Business School, Aude joined Talentis in 2008 as Coach and Project Director. She was appointed Deputy Managing Director in 2022, when Talentis joined the Human & Work Group, and has held the position of Managing Director of Talentis since the beginning of 2024. Before joining the Human & Work Group, Aude spent nearly 20 years with SC Johnson.


Juliette Cerdan-Guyon, Partner, People, Culture & Impact:

A graduate of EM Lyon, Juliette joined the Human & Work Group in 2018 as Director of Impact and Human Resources. Prior to that, Juliette spent over fifteen years with digital project consultancy Beijaflore (now Headmind Partners).


Aurélie Judlin, Partner, Consulting & Learning:

A graduate of ICN Business School, Aurélie joined the Human & Work Group in 2016 as Business Developer at Stimulus. Promoted to Group Operations Director in 2018, she was appointed Managing Director of Equilibres in 2022. Prior to joining the Human & Work Group, Aurélie was Director of Events at Décideurs Leaders League.


Christine Loos, Partner, International Strategy:

A graduate of IPAG Business School, Christine joined the Human & Work Group in 2016 as Managing Director of Stimulus Spain and has since been International Strategy Director for the group. Before joining Human & Work, Christine accumulated over 15 years of international and multicultural experience, from Argentina to Vietnam, via Italy and the Philippines, before settling in Madrid, within organisations responsible for the prevention of psychosocial risks.


Marie-Liesse Morgaut, Partner, Nexmove:

Marie-Liesse holds a master’s degree in business law from Paris Assas University and joined the Human & Work Group in 2012 as Managing Director of Nexmove. Prior to that, Marie-Liesse worked for nearly 15 years in the corporate real estate sector before switching to coaching.


About Human & Work

Human & Work is Europe’s leading consultancy group specialising in human issues in the workplace, helping companies to look after their teams and organisations.

With unparalleled expertise in psychological well-being at work, diversity and inclusion, career management, and leadership development, Human & Work stands at the forefront of transforming workplace dynamics.

Operating from offices in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Belgium, and bolstered by a network of meticulously chosen local partners, their team of 270 professionals extends support to over 1,000 companies and their 8 million employees worldwide.

Our mission is unequivocal: to collaborate in constructing an inclusive, responsible, and harmonious world of work.

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