Human & Work, GENEO Capital Entrepreneur and Harmonie Mutuelle are launching the Human Impact Index, a social compass that will provide SMEs and SMIs with an overview of their social and human impact and possible areas for improvement.

Human at the heart of collective performance

The creation of this index, an initiative of GENEO, is the result of strong convictions shared by its three promoters:

  • Financial performance and human performance are correlated. Developing your human capital means giving yourself the best chance of developing, and therefore increasing your economic value.
  • You can’t succeed alone. The great entrepreneurial adventures are collective adventures. The human element must be placed on the same level as the other components of the company.
  • Social impact must be at the heart of corporate thinking and innovation. The Human Impact Index offers a method to help them do just that.

6 major themes and 15 evaluation criteria

In concrete terms, this index is based on 6 strategic themes:

  • Employment
  • Corporate governance
  • Health in the workplace
  • Diversity
  • Value sharing
  • Commitment

These 6 themes are divided into 15 evaluation criteria (such as job creation, professional training, management committee processes, professional equality, pay equity, absenteeism rates, etc.) on which each company will be assessed.

Simple and pragmatic, this index will be a real tool for entrepreneurs. Not only will it enable them to understand more accurately the weak signals sent by employees, it will also enable them to implement targeted policies to improve internal practices.

Extending the use of the human impact index

For this launch year, the 22 companies invested by GENEO Capital Entrepreneur, 10 companies supported by Harmonie Mutuelle and 10 companies supported by Human & Work are committing to this initiative. The results will be consolidated and analysed once a year.

The aim is to rapidly extend the use of the Human Impact Index to other companies and partners. To this end, the evaluation grid will be made available to all those who wish to join the initiative and improve the performance of their teams.

“With the Human Impact Index that we are launching today with Geneo and Harmonie Mutuelle, we are providing responsible companies with benchmarks to assess their human impact and a compass to engage their teams. We help them to define HR strategies and areas for progress. We invite them to activate the levers of impact that are leadership, management, corporate culture, work organisation and human resources policies.

David Mahé

Founder and President, Human & Work

“As an innovative and committed investor, GENEO Capital Entrepreneur has made the development of companies’ human capital one of the 4 pillars of its purpose: positive finance, which reconciles performance and meaning. Making the most of people in business can only be achieved through a structured and sustainable investment by entrepreneurs and the support of their partners. And the final impact can be measured. That is the aim of the Human Impact Index, which provides a simple and pragmatic way of tackling the issue, while offering a global vision. GENEO is delighted to share this success with its two partners, Harmonie Mutuelle and Human and Work, and to sign a manifesto today that brings us together around our shared convictions about people at work.”

Fanny Letier

Co-founder, GENEO Capital Entrepreneur

“We are very proud to announce the creation of this unique index, alongside GENEO Capital Entrepreneur and Human & Work. Convinced that health, quality of life at work, employee commitment and the sharing of value are at the heart of a company’s success and performance, we embarked on this initiative with the aim of creating the first tool to provide a quantified, summary overview of a company’s social and human impact. We hope that this will serve as a starting point for all the companies that use it, to effectively and sustainably improve the health, well-being and performance of their teams. As an Entreprise Mutualiste à Mission and France’s leading mutual health insurer, we are ready to support companies and entrepreneurs who wish to join us in this process.

Catherine Touvrey

Managing Director, Harmonie Mutuelle

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