Executive coaching, professional coaching and leadership development

Created in 2003, Talentis has been a leading company in the fields of Executive Coaching and Leadership Development for 20 years. Our mission is to support responsible leaders for a responsible company.

We build customised individual and/or group coaching programmes to develop leadership, optimise collective performance and support the managerial transformation of organisations.

Since 2003, Talentis has accompanied more than 40,000 managers and executives, 30% of whom are international, by building individual and collective coaching programmes to boost their leadership skills.

Our missions

Building together the company of tomorrow

  • Supporting the development of tomorrow’s leaders: equipping them with the skills, postures and mindsets essential for successful transformation.
  • Participate in the paradigm shift of the company: the company as a place of development, innovation and permanent learning.
  • Professionalise and modernise all coaching practices in organisations: educate companies on what coaching is in its most demanding and professional version and adapt the uses of coaching to the needs of all talents.

Our expertise

The best of face-to-face and distance coaching, for optimised development programmes

Individual coaching

face-to-face and distance learning with the Click & Coach platform

Seminars and team coaching

Management / Leadership Programmes

Anchoring new managerial postures with the group coaching modality

Transformation of managerial cultures

Build together and spread the leadership profiles to all levels of the company


Advice on setting up the programme. Training of mentors and mentees

Gender equality in the company

Accelerate the presence of women at different hierarchical levels

coaches in 27 countries

major group clients

managers and leaders coached