Psychological health at work

Created in 1989 by Dr Patrick Légeron, Stimulus is the leading consulting firm for psychological health at work. Our vocation is to prevent psychosocial risks within companies, strenghten commitment and pleasure at work, improve economic and social performance of our customers and mobilize all stakeholders in the company around health and quality of life.

Our expertise


Assessing psychological health at work: quantitative and qualitative diagnoses of professional stress and psychosocial risks


Transform companies: succeed in transformation projects, improve working conditions, strengthen managerial culture


Manage sensitive business situations: serious events, complaints for inappropriate behavior, degraded collectives


Develop emotional and relational skills to better manage stress, regulate the stress of your team, adopt the right posture in a tense context …


Support employees through our Employee Assistance Program designed to better reconcile work and personal life


client companies

monitored employees