The levers of diversity and inclusion

Since 2005, we provide support to private companies and public organisations, in all sectors of activity, in order to anchor diversity and inclusion in their work realities in a sustainable manner.
In order to achieve a real social impact, our approach is resolutely geared towards setting things in motion, by activating the three levers of transformation: making people understand, making them feel and making them act.

We support you in the systemic understanding of the mechanisms of inequality and in the definition and implementation of diversity and inclusion policies. We help organisations to move from formal equality (in texts and laws) to real equality, which is embodied in the facts but also and above all in people’s minds (corporate culture, representations).

Our expertise

Diagnosis & Consulting

Definition, evaluation and implementation of Diversity and Inclusion policies and action plans.
Compliance and labelling

Training & Support

Face-to-face training workshops, e-learning, webinars, interactive and staged conferences…
Awareness-raising actions
Individual and collective coaching of female talents

Prevention & Treatment

Reporting and guidance call-center for alleged situations of discrimination, harassment, violence and sexism at work

Our trademark

A multi-disciplinary team to address the issue of inclusion in all its plurality: HR and management, economics and social sciences, legal, social psychology, communication, coaching.

Specific expertise developed continuously, based on academic research and our field experience.

A systemic approach to equality that integrates all levels of the ecosystem: socio-cultural, legal, organisational and individual.

A commitment to support all organisations (public and private), in all sectors of activity, and all stakeholders (management, managers, HR, IRP, employees).

A professional and guilt-free posture, embodying inclusion.